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As of today

This depression is making it harder to focus and get a handle on things. I'm limiting contact to things that upset me and trying not to get too worried about them. So, self-preservation. I does it.

No excuses but sometimes I'm numb and don't fucking care. Other times I feel too sensitive about everything. It's really a matter of "I'm not going to deal with this today". I only have so much emotional reserve.

Anyone this affects, don't take it personal. 
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Bates Motel

I watched it this morning/last night OnDemand.
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I'll be cautiously watching the rest of the season*. We'll see how far Bates Motel will go.

*I already had a couple of nightmares, but nothing major yet.
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SPN and all

I've been disappointed in my show recently. Whatever I was expecting I didn't get, or something, and I've dreaded every new episode. Guy wants to watch it more than I do and that's saying a lot.

Wednesday's episode made me hunger for Season 1 something fierce. I'm seeing this new myth arc is heading somewhere I don't mind. I can't be bothered with the angels vs. demons business. And it's not because I hate Castiel.  He was okay during his first season on Supernatural and some of his second. Then he got really tired.

Being nostalgic and navel-gazing is where it's at. One thing though, I don't miss Sammy's hair and Dean's lack of a Batman voice.
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Merry Everything

Xmas was good. Guy and I stayed in. I woke up early(cos I don't sleep so good) and finished up his crochet hat, while he slept in. We didn't plan so well about dinner and all so we had about ten places open--all sushi/Chinese/Thai/Indian. So it was the fusion Asian place.

As for presents, we exchanged on Saturday and yesterday. Guy got a space-saver spice rack and the aforementioned hat. He got me a telephoto lens to go with a shiny DSLR camera. I campaigned long and hard for that shit, you don't even know. I even found deals and coupons and price matched for him. It's pretty, very entry-level so I can learn and wonderful.

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It's been okay this year. I got to talk to my Granny and my Uncle and cousin(a 2 yr old!). It really got me that I couldn't reach my Mom and sis for a few days. They're in Spokane/Walla Walla, Washington. All of those conspiratorial suspicions came upon me again and my anxiety won over. Really, it was exhausting being down about not getting to talk to them. I did get a text from Sis and then a call from Mother late last night.

Since classes are over and I have no work, my will to go outside is gone. I talk myself out of going to the grocery store(we need to do this) and sometimes out of leaving bed. I had a good day yesterday too. At bedtime I felt a wave of emptiness and despair shuffle in. I kept thinking, you just ot a new camera and ate and spent the day with the two loves of your life. Everything's wonderful. Why are you sad? Alas, anxiety don't work like that. I had to tell Guy this when he asked something similarly. I can't turn it off.

I've been staying away from eljay because I doubt folk want to read about my depressing shit. Really. It's exhausting to experience let alone read. I'll try to post upbeat stuff more often.

Well, I wish everyone had and has a good season into 2013.
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End of media, maybe?

I'm overwhelmed.
Theres too much information out there and, because of it, there's more hateful, idiotic crap that I'm exposed to. I will read something and it'll stick with me and affect my mood for days. I'll get so worked up over some issues and can't stop thinking about it. And I think of how I have enough stuff to worry about that I don't need to be bother with the crap I come across.

A lot of things people do annoy me. It's like a microscosm the stuff I read on Tumblr and Blogger and Google Reader.  A microcosm of the world as a whole. Idiots and racists congregate in the same places smart folk and those working for change. The hurtful side spends a lot time infecting the world with their bullshit and trying to break down the other side. It is so exhausting.

And since I'm actively dealing with my anxiety and mild depression I need to cut all the crap. I'm going to limit my exposure to the garbage. This is something I know I can do because I left Facebook last October and didn't look back. I've also cut back on my Google Reader blogs. I'm just feeling like I could be missing out on something, anything that I don't know about. Well, I will just have to deal with it.
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Today is Minh's GOTCHA Day

One year ago we picked up the little munchkin from the Upper East Side vet clinic putting him up for adoption. He came to us in ratty towel(maybe his favorite) and perked up even though he was four feet off of the ground on a metal table.

Then we took him home. Minh was excited to explore his new digs. We learned of his love for boxes and Craisins. And thus, a bun changed our lives.

Happy Gotcha Day, Minh Bunny!
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We Need to Talk About Kevin

I'm almost speechless.

I don't know how to put into words what I'm feeling about this movie. It's like anger, sickness and helplessness in one.

That shit is disturbing and I don't know how the actors got through making the movie without some nightmares. It's uncomfortable and sad and scary.

Kevin is not visually disturbing, it's more psychological because you can see and fill in the blanks of how it all came to be(There's a synopsis on IMDB and Wikipedia that tells you more about the story, which is based on a book of the same name).

I can't

Tilda Swinton needed to get an Oscar for her role. Ezra Miller proved how damn good of an actor he is at 18.

This movie made me cry.
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First world problems, Or fighting bad customer service

It started with a pie and an App.

We don't know what will become of the pie situation because I'm waiting to hear back from Mrs. Smith's customer service. Short version: sloppy quality control ended up at the bottom of my oven.

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I sent in a support inquiry. Then I had Guy download it for his iPod touch. Surprise, surprise it worked for him. Raging, I tried to fiddle with the damn thing again, determined not to be bested. And guess what, it suddenly fixed itself when I switched settings on the iPad. There was no help page on the app(and even if there was, I'd bet it'd be on the parts of the app I was locked out of).

Swackett and co. got back to me with this:

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Bottom line, if you know there's a problem or issue with your product, address it or adequately notify your consumers.  That's pretty fucking simple.

*This isn't over. I'm being persistent on Twitter.

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Thinking about Avatar: The Last Airbender

I love my show. I appreciate its inclusiveness when it comes to race.

What I often wonder about is the voice-acting. During the whole Racebending fail people were upset about how the movie version disregarded the original characters by making them white. It bothered me that these representations of POCs were being voiced by white folks as well. How does that make sense?

Does anyone even care about that fact? Or is it okay because they look POC and that's all that matters?

I'm torn because I enjoyed the way they were portrayed by the voice actors. However this is never brought up and it feels icky. Disingenuous even. This is a big fucking elephant in the fandom. Why is no one talking about it?

*I know Zuko and the original Uncle Iroh were voiced by Asian/Asian-American actors as were various guest stars. My observation is limited to the main characters, ie. THE LAST AIRBENDER.  

I am quite aware of Racebending.com's ideas about the voice acting. It seems very pick and choosy about the entire thing.